St John Fisher: Our vision


At St John Fisher, we strive to create a school community where children and adults achieve their full potential and SHINE!  We will achieve this through engagement, high expectations and by treating all with respect and dignity.

  • Our children will be motivated to come into school every day to embrace the opportunities offered to them and continue their learning independently.


We want to maximise our children’s learning time in school and so our staff offer a range of Extra-curricular clubs.  The list of clubs will be published at the start of the term and clubs will begin in the second week.  If you would like your child to attend a club, please sign the register at the office. 


Some clubs have limited places due to the nature of the activity so always check there is availability.  Clubs offered by staff are done so voluntarily and there is no charge. However, there may be some clubs offered by outside agencies which do incur a charge.

Every effort will be taken to ensure that clubs take place each week.  If a club needs to be cancelled due to staff absence/ training etc and cannot be covered, parents will be informed so alternative arrangements can be made.

See below our timetable for the Summer term:

Clubs Year Teacher
Tues Sports Club Y1/2 Mr Wilton
Art Club Y1/2 Miss Fitzpatrick
Choir Rec/Y1/Y2 Miss Morgan
Wed Football Y4/5/6 Mr Wilton
Come be my Light All Mrs Ross
Thurs Sports Club Y3 Mr Wilton
Dance Fit Y3/4/5/6 Miss Leadbetter
Mindfulness and Crafts Y5/6 Mrs Duffy
Timestables Y3/4 Mrs Mackey