Welcome to Year Five!


“Believe in the light so that you will be children of the light.”

John 12:36


In Year Five we all shine, we could not possibly shine anymore! We shine in the light of God so we are children of the light. The light guides us and helps us choose the right path. Our shine helps us to be the independent people that we are. We have discovered that we all have talents and qualities. We are all very polite and we work hard to make people happy. We are creative and holy children because at St. John Fisher we are the light. We are glad that God has made us all unique. We all care for each other and are friends. We are the shining lights of Knowsley. We all shine in our own way. We share our love and our light with others through our church, our community and our school. Our mission statement is a reflection of who we are and we strive to be children of the light always.

Written by Year Five pupils

In year five we strive to make learning enjoyable for all. We aren’t afraid of taking on difficult tasks and we always try our best.

We have Miss Fitzpatrick and Mrs Brooke helping us learn and 32 wonderful children! We hope you enjoy learning about our class!