Welcome to Year 5!

Here we will be showcasing some of the wonderful work and activities the children have been participating in.

We have a dedicated team working with the class, Miss Fitzpatrick (class teacher), Mrs Ross (teaching assistant) and Mrs Hughes (teaching assistant) are in the class every day. We also have help from the excellent Mrs Duffy every Wednesday.

Homework is set every Friday and is expected to be returned by the following Thursday at the latest.

PE is Tuesday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor).

*Guitar lessons (lead by Mr Brennan) take place every Thursday, the children will need to bring in their guitars for this.

Year 5 Class Dojo is up and running and is updated regularly, please let us know if you have any trouble logging in.

Yearly Overview

Class Timetable

This is where any class events/updates will be posted. Please keep checking back to see some of the work year 5 have been getting up to!

What a fantastic assembly from the children. I am so proud of how well they all performed and hopefully you learned something about missions.

The Children had a lovely few days before Christmas – wearing jumpers and making bobble hats.

It really is getting close to Christmas now! Thanks so much to all the volunteers from Messy Church who helped us have a crafty afternoon!

What better way to tell people how much you like and appreciate them than writing it on magic flowers? When the children dropped their flower into the water the secret message appeared! A lovely afternoon with the class showing each other how much we appreciate everyone.

It’s Christmas!! Well… maybe not quite, but that hasn’t stopped us from creating some fantastic window decorations in our art lesson.

If there is one thing y5 are good at it’s drama! The children got to show off their skill by producing freeze frames from a chapter in Bill’s new frock. Don’t worry – no children were harmed in the making of these freeze frames!!

The children in our class love to share their possessions or events with the class. Very interesting show and tell from Leon who had just been a mascot for Everton on Saturday! I’m sure children were very jealous – even if they would have preferred Liverpool!

We have lots of future decoders in y5 judging by their computing work this week! Mrs Mackey was very impressed!

Cubing numbers doesn’t always have to be boring! Y5 were getting hands on this week with maths.

Ahhhh…It’s always nice to unwind on Thursday afternoon with some quiet reading in our cosy library.

For Remembrance Day we create multi layer poppies which Miss Fitzpatrick turned into a heart wreath. We worked very hard on these and the finished product was beautiful.

More maths magic! To practice scale we were creating our own Hogwarts bedrooms complete with potion box and own cage!

Our science focus this week was the life of plants. We took cuttings of money plants and we are going to try and grow our own!

Y5 had a very mature discussion today about typical gender roles and expectations. All in preparation for out new topic – Bill’s New Frock. I’m very excited to read the book with the children and I hope they are too!

Horrible history doesn’t exist in y5! We had a wonderful time recreating the intricate details on the Roman columns. The children challenged themselves by creating ever more intricate decorations.

This week in science the class had to solve a murder mystery using all of their gathered knowledge of materials! It was a race to see who could solve the mystery the fastest. Well done to the boys who did!

Who needs books?! Y5 made the most of all the resources in our classroom this week – including the tables! Learning about obtuse, acute and reflex angles has never been so fun.

Y5 have been learning how to create fair experiments in science this term, this week we focused on separating mixtures. Perfect for when your shopping gets all mixed up!