St John Fisher: Our Vision

At St John Fisher, we strive to create a school community where children and adults achieve their full potential and SHINE!  We will achieve this through engagement, high expectations and by treating all with respect and dignity.

  • We value independence, developing a deeper level of learning and providing a challenging curriculum which enables our pupils to become active citizens of the future.


We have a scheme of work for PHSE which is delivered by our Learning Mentor, Mrs Fillingham.  The scheme covers areas such as healthy eating, Keeping healthy, Friendships and emotions, mental health and wellbeing.  Please contact school if you would like further information about this.

Below are some links which may be useful to parents when discussing health and wellbeing at home.

Parent guide to physical activity for children 

NHS Change 4 Life

Mental Health Foundation

Guide for Healthy Eating

Developing Emotional Literacy for children

School events and news:

Mrs Forrest and Mrs Fillingham attended the launch of the Mentally Healthy Schools Website in London.  The website has been created with a view to help schools understand and support the needs of our children.

We are looking forward to working with the Royal Foundation and the charities who have created this site.


Our Health Champions: Sienna Gilgeous Year 4, Sophia Whitty Year 4, Isabelle Gildea Year 4, Maisie Yates Year 6, Jessica Ackroyd Year 6, Hannah McGuiness Year 6, David Quirk Year 6, Lewie Gibson Year 6 and Lucas Haydn Baker Year 6.

These children share with us their reasons for taking on the role and their ideas for how to encourage us all to lead healthier lifestyles.

Since taking on their role, The Health Champions have set up a Healthy Tuck Shop where everyone in school can buy a healthy snack (priced at 20p) every break time. Some of the snacks sold are: water, fruit, crackers, rice cakes, breadsticks, malt loaf, cheese, melba toast, raisins.  (Pictures coming soon!)

Throughout January last year, Alistair Gill from Knowsley Schools for Health, trained the Health Champions to become Junior Chefs. The children: learned to chop and cut fruit and vegetables safely using the claw and bridge methods, studied the sugar content of various sweets and drinks (which shocked us all) and looked at the benefits to our hearts of taking regular exercise.

Look at the pictures below and find out how much SUGAR is in your sweets and drinks.  Can you make a healthier choice?



On 9th February 2017, the School Council and Health Champions had an amazing opportunity to meet accomplished Olympic Gymnast, Beth Tweddle.  The children had an opportunity to interview Beth and find out  a little bit about her.  Beth said that it was her dad who inspired her to take up gymnastics at the age of 7.  Beth talked to the children about the benefits of maintaining healthy lifestyles and said that when she performed in competitions she felt that she had accomplished the goal that she had set for herself.   Beth listened to the children’s achievements and said that they should be proud of their accomplishments.  Beth let the children into a secret that when she was a young girl she was a little bit naughty and it was when she signed up for gymnastics she discovered that the routine and training were good for her and felt that Gymnastics was what she was meant to do in life.

 School Council and Health Champions meet  Beth Tweddle


10th February 2017

This week Alistair Gill from Knowsley’s Schools for Health has worked alongside the Health Champions each lunchtime encouraging us to bring healthy lunches to school.  The Health Champions have been rewarding children with stickers for those with healthy lunch boxes and raffle tickets have been awarded to children for making healthy swaps, for example swapping a cake for a piece of fruit or sugary drinks for water.  Children having hot dinners have also been rewarded for not only putting some salad on their plate but for eating it too!

The Healthy Swap Raffle will be drawn in next Friday’s assembly (3rd March).  Don’t forget to keep making healthy choices; the Health Champions are still looking to spot your healthy swaps!


23rd February 2017

Alistair Gill from Knowsley Schools for Health made healthy strawberry and banana smoothies with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  The children cut the fruit using the bridge and claw safety methods for chopping.   We all all tasted the smoothies and most enjoyed them!