Our Maths Champions work closely with the maths team to help promote maths throughout the school.  They support the younger children within the school in their maths lessons and run an after school games club once a week.  They make it their responsibility to ensure maths is prominent in all areas of the school as well as managing displays which encourage their peers to think about ‘maths for life.’

Please take a few minutes to read what our champions have to say about their roles and the impact they hope to have.

My name is Florence and I am in year 4. I’m excited to be a maths champion because I use maths every day – in school and at home! Maths is a fun thing to do once you have the skills to do it. Once you love maths, you never stop and you will see just how much you need it too!


Hi, I’m Ava and I’m a maths champion from year 4. I enjoy maths because it can help you a lot, using maths is fun! You don’t have to be the smartest kid in the world to enjoy maths – I’m only in year 4 and I like it because you can become really engaged in it!


My name is Melissa and I am a maths champion. As a maths champion it is my job to be a good maths role model, encourage everyday maths skills and make maths fun! Sometimes you will see us in a club or in your class helping out. Remember…we are here to help you out with your maths whenever you need us!


I am Ethan and I am in year 5. I enjoy maths because you use it in school and outside of school. I am excited to be a maths champion because I really like maths – it helps you in sports and it helps you to have fun! There are lots of jobs where you need math; vets, doctors, train drivers and footballers all need to use maths!


Hello, my name is Esme and I am a maths champion from year 6. I enjoy maths and learning new things. Maths is extremely useful, and not just for school, but for how our future is going to turn out. I love sports (especially gymnastics) and often use maths for these, for example; keeping score and timing events. As a maths champion I want to help create a better understanding of maths to help the pupils in our school to learn more.


Hi, my name is Ella and I am a year 6 maths champion. I love maths because you don’t just use it in school – you use it everywhere you go! As a maths champion I want to help my teachers organise different maths lessons and activities so that we can help all of the children in our school.


My name is Jack and I am a Maths Champion. I enjoy maths because you use it in everyday life. I mostly enjoy it because all of the teachers make it so easy and lots of fun. I like being a maths champion because we get to play maths games and learn lots of new things. As a maths champion I would like to help other people become more confident with their maths skills.


My name is Leon and I am a Maths Champion. I love maths, you can use it in everyday life … there is so much to learn! The teachers in our school make maths fun and also make it seem really easy! As a maths champion, I really want to support other children in their maths so that they can feel better about it too!