Welcome to St John Fisher’s Nursery Class Page!

Our nursery opened in January this year so we are very lucky to be the first children to be in our beautiful new classroom. Our classroom has grown and developed throughout our time and we are enjoying it very much.

Take a little look around!

         Small   World Area


             An inclusive classroom…

What colours do you know in sign language?


                A few of our displays!






Celebrating our schools motto each 


Will you reach the SHINE today?






Songs, rhymes and poems each and every day!

Key information:

Nursery Teacher: Miss Ikin

Teaching Assistant: Mr Harrison

Teaching Assistant (am) : Mr Wilton

We have 31 children altogether in nursery. 16 boys and 15 girls. 19 of us are 3 turning 4 and 12 of us will be in nursery for another year. 

How we learn!

In Nursery, we enjoy learning through play. We freely access both the indoors and outdoors classrooms and access lots of different areas to help develop our learning powers. We have the opportunities each day to become builders, readers and mark makers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, explorers, investigators. We enjoy exploring in areas such as small world, water, sand, bikes and physical development, messy play and role play. 

These allow us to cover all of the areas of the EYFS curriculum which include:

Prime Areas
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication , Literacy and Language
  • Physical Development
Specific Areas
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Understanding of the World
  • Technology
  • Expressive Arts and Design

What’s happening now!

Tapestry is up and running keeping you up to date on your child’s learning at Nursery. Keep sending in your own learning at home, it is lovely to see the wonderful experiences children are enjoying at home. 

Summer Term

Image result for summer cartoon

During our Summer Term, we will be exploring learning through the topic of ‘Growing’. We will explore some stories including; ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’, ‘The Tiny Seed’, ‘The Enormous Turnip’, ‘The Big Carrot’ and many more including lots of non-fiction texts. We will also enjoy learning about minibeasts and search for some in our outdoor area as we enjoy stories such as, ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’ and ‘Superworm.’

We will continue to follow our interest and see where this will take us!

Image result for jaspers beanstalkImage result for the enormous turnipImage result for the tiny seedImage result for the bad tempered ladybirdImage result for super worm


We will enjoy some traditional tales including; the three Little Pigs and  Jack and the Beanstalk.  

Image result for the three little pigsImage result for jack and the beanstalk



We will have some exciting more adventures in  ‘Story World’ and see where this leads us!

‘Story World, Story World tap the lid, open it up, open it wide, let’s all take a look inside!’ 

The first time we entered Story World, we met Brown Bear and we had to make him feel welcome in our class. But unfortunately he went missing searching for his favourite teddy. Luckily though, he was delivered to us and then were together again!

Image result for Brown bear brown bear




The second time we entered story world it was to solve the mystery of the missing chairs. We found out that it was Goldilocks that had stolen them and taken them for a picnic in the hopes that her friends would join. We decided to instead in to invite Goldilocks to our very own Teddy bears picnic. 

Image result for goldilocks and the three bears story


Each time we go off to learn in Story World we each receive glitter and have to repeat the rhyme, 

‘Magic story dust, really is a must, sprinkle on and we’ll be gone to magic story world!’ 

Image result for glitter

I wonder where Story World will take us next!

Image result for story world


Come and See

St John Fisher is a Catholic school and we live out our school mission every day to SHINE!

During our Spring Term we continue to explore Growing as well as cover the topics of:

Good News, Friends, Our World

Through each topic, we listen to scripture and learn about different ways we can act out or lives following God’s key messages within each topic. 


Image result for Children praying cartoonEach day we gather for collective worship to celebrate our faith with new messages and themes each week.