Maths For Life Day

On 31st January, we invited a variety of professionals into school to talk about how they use maths in real life!  The day was absolutely fabulous and the children learnt so much from the visitors who came in to speak to them.

Not only did they learn about maths in real life, they learnt about a variety of careers.  Our children now know all about being a jockey, vet, doctor, nurse, cabin crew, radio presenter, fire fighter, school business manager, chef and baker!  Please take a few minutes to look at some of the photographs taken throughout the day as well as comments from the children about what they have learnt.

I really enjoyed it when Helen visited, I showed her around the school.  I showed her everything we do in maths!  I did not know how much maths she used in her job as a BBC radio presenter until she told us, it was really interesting.  Me and my classmates were recorded and we will be on the radio at the weekend. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Ella, Y6


I liked that Doctor Janine was teaching us how to take our pulse in one minute.  And I found out the she uses maths in her job all of the time.  She also uses maths everyday when she isn’t at work.

Jack, Y4


I really enjoyed when Helen from BBC Radio Merseyside visited our class.  She explained to us how she uses maths in her job and how much she needed it.  She has helped me to realise how important maths is for now and for when I grow up.

Esme, Y6


I enjoyed showing visitors around our school and also when Mr Sauter was talking to us about managing our money better. also spent a lot of time with Helen from Radio Merseyside, she interviewed us about maths and we will be on the radio this Sunday.  It was a brilliant day that I won’t forget.

Jack, Y6


Yesterday I really enjoyed making paper aeroplanes and flying them. We measured how far they travelled and talked about how this will help us in real life.

Kade, Y3


I enjoyed our maths for life day because everyone learnt about new jobs and how they need maths.  My favourite part was listening to MrNorton telling us all about how he uses maths in his job as a jockey.  I also liked hearing about how Mrs Richardson uses maths in her vets job from my friends.

Ava, Y4