Extra- Curricular Clubs

St John Fisher: Our Vision

At St John Fisher, we strive to create a school community where children and adults achieve their full potential and SHINE!  We will achieve this through engagementhigh expectations and by treating all with respect and dignity.

Below is the clubs list for the Autumn Term. All clubs run from Monday 16th September until Friday 13th Dec. Please sign your child/ren up at the school office if you know that your child wants to stay in school for the club.

If there are a large number of children for a particular club, we will open a waiting list. Children not attending on a regular basis may lose their place in the club, which will be offered to somebody else. 

Once the lists have been finalised, children may not be added on an ad-hoc basis. If you are unable to collect your child, you can book them into our After-school wrap around care club at a cost of £5/ £6 depending on the age of your child.



Year Group



Sports Club

3 and 4

Mr Wilton

Performing Arts (£25 letter to follow)

3, 4, 5 and 6

Private Company


Phonics Club


Mrs Conroy

Mindfulness and Yoga

1 and 2

Mrs Glenister

iPad Club

1 and 2

Miss Leadbetter

Sports Club

1 and 2

Mr Wilton

Magic Multiplication


Mrs Graham

Maths Club


Mr Brooks

Lego Club

3, 4, 5 and 6

Mr Bates


Sports Club

5 and 6

Mr Wilton


Arts and Craft

3, 4, 5 and 6

Mrs Mackey