Welcome to St John Fisher’s Nursery Class Page!

Our Nursery opened in January 2019 and our indoor and outdoor classrooms have grown and developed throughout our time and we are having a fantastic time 🙂

Take a little look around our provision! 

A few of our displays! Our displays are updated regularly linked to our learning at the time.

Celebrating our schools motto each day!

Will you reach the SHINE today?

We begin each day on the green grass and work very hard following following our nursery rules to travel up the SHINE wall. We then take home a slip to let our families know ways we have SHINED today!

Our family tree helps us feel more at home when we are at nursery. We enjoy talking about our family photographs and times we share at home together.                                                                                              

Role play is a big part of our day and we have access to lots of different resources so we can choose what role play to engage with each day.

We begin each day with our weather song and poetry bag. We also have lots of new songs and poems that we learn every half term.

We love to learn and recite poems and we use our ‘Poetree’ every day to recite our favourite ones. 



Key information:

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Glenister
Teaching Assistant: Mr Harrison
Teaching Assistant (am) : Mr Wilton

We have 30 children altogether in  our nursery who are 3 and turning 4 this year or over the summer: 16 boys and 14 girls attending either part time and full time. Staff are always available at the door for day to day enquiries but if you wish to have a private meeting to discuss a matter of any kind, this can be arranged. 

How we learn in the Early Years

In Nursery, we enjoy learning through play. We have access to both indoors and outdoors classrooms and access lots of different areas to help develop our learning powers. We have the opportunities each day to become builders, readers and mark makers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, explorers, investigators. We enjoy exploring areas such as small world, water, sand, creative and mark making, messy play, role play, bikes and physical development and so much more. 

These allow us to cover all of the areas of the EYFS curriculum which include:

Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication , Literacy and Language

  • Physical Development

Specific Areas

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Understanding of the World

  • Technology

  • Expressive Arts and Design

Click on the link for more information about the Early Learning Framework which acts as a guide for us to support your child in the best way possible.–2

Autumn Term One

In Early Years, we use Pie Corbett’s reading spine as engagements to our learning. This half term we are exploring the core text ‘YOU CHOOSE.’ This is a picture book which provides lots of opportunities to generate conversations, discover children’s interests and to activate our imaginations. It supports us with thinking about how to use our classroom effectively and to think about new possibilities and ways to use our resources. 

You Choose! - 9780141379319

If you could choose anywhere in the world to go, where would YOU CHOOSE?

If you could choose family and friends to take with you, who would YOU CHOOSE?

If you could choose any animal as a pet, what would YOU CHOOSE?

In our first half term, the most vital part of our learning is making friends and building relationships. Nursery is new for many of us and it is a chance to begin building the foundations of long lasting friendships. We spend lots of time supporting children to learn how to make new friends, how to play kindly with one another, how to share and take turns and how to engage in conversations with new friends. We take part in circle times to talk about these new friendships and share our interests. 

Number sense an essential part of our Nursery learning. We want to ensure that our children have secure foundations for mathematical learning. This involves daily oral counting, joining in with and learning counting songs and rhymes, learning to recognise numbers around us and most importantly applying this in our play. We also experience lots of other mathematical opportunities such as; exploring capacity in the sand and water, exploring measure whilst baking, playing with shape in areas such as construction play, exploring space in our outdoor area and many more. 

Useful websites:
This provides lots of fun maths games online
More fun online maths games
Even more fun to be had!

Read Write Inc

Alongside being immersed in a language rich environment with language and communication being at the heart of our learning, children in nursery will be taught phonics using Read Write Inc as a programme to learn these skills. Childrens phonic skills will develop throughout the year with the first term focusing on; focused listening and attention, listening for and identifying sounds, copying and repeating initial sounds in words, exposure to RWInc pictures to prepare for the learning of sounds. Some of our children have already had access to RWInc if they attended last year so their individual needs will be supported through daily provision to ensure maximum progress of their skills building on what they already know.

To find out more, copy the link or feel free to ask us for any advice of information you may want. We will be holding workshops throughout the year which will help you understand how we teach phonics better. 

Come and See

As a Catholic school, we follow the ‘Come and See’ programme of learning for Religious Education. This involves us exploring different religious themes every half term. During this term, we will cover the topics of ‘Myself’ ‘Welcome’ and ‘Birthdays’.


During our first topic of ‘Myself’ children will learn and talk about the importance of their name.

They will listen to the Scripture,

‘You are precious to me, I love you, I know you, I know your name, You are my child.’ Isaiah 43:1-2

Children will talk about how they are precious and people who are precious to them. They will learn to recognise their own names and think about this special message. They will talk about their family life and things they enjoy at home. 

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is special time each day in which children gather together to reflect. this may take part; in small groups, as a whole class, with another class, as a school. 

The collective worship process:

Gather: This may be through a song, dance, or quiet reflection. 

Listen: Children will listen to the Word of God including scriptures, psalms, prayers and gospel readings.

Respond: Children will be taught to respond in many ways which may be through song, prayer, making the sign of the cross, taking away an object, responding in words.

Go Forth: Children will take forth a message. This may be something to carry away with them, an action to do or a positive message to pass on to others.

Alongside this, children will take part in daily prayers.