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Meet the staff

Mrs Glenister (Teacher)

Mrs Glenister (Teacher)

Mr Wilton (TA mornings)

Mr Wilton (TA mornings)

Mr Harrison (PE coach )

Mr Harrison (PE coach )

Key information

We have 31 children altogether in our Nursery most who are 3 and some age 4. 13 boys and 18 girls attending either part time or full time. Staff are always available at the school gates for day to day enquiries but if you wish to have a private meeting to discuss a matter of any kind, this can be arranged. We do kindly ask that you use DOJO effectively for any quires or concerns.

Take a look around our classroom 

We know this has been a difficult time for all parents whose children have started Nursery this year due to the restrictions of COVID 19. We wish we could invite you all into our classroom for the usual stay and play to show you how amazing and fun it is, but unfortunately for now images of our Nursery classroom will have to do in order to keep everyone safe. We begin each day on the green grass and work very hard following our Nursery rules to travel up the SHINE wall. It’s good to shine and be green! If they reach the top of our shine wall children receive a positive praise certificate to take home and keep. 

Our day in nursery 

We start our day off with a ‘Wake and Shake’ session. This is a great way to ensure the children are energised and ready to learn, which then adapts a positive approach to the day.  We then sign each day with our hello song and encourage the children to ask each other how they feel and discuss our feelings. We then sing our weather song and many more poems and rhymes to start our day off. We then engage in a gather time together often linked to our topic and core text. This excites us for the day and helps us make exciting learning choices. We then can choose to play indoors or outdoors. We gather together for snack to reflect on our learning so far and share songs and stories together. We then go off to play together before tidy up time and lunch. 

How we learn in Early Years 

In Nursery, we enjoy learning through play. We have access to both indoors and outdoors classrooms and access lots of different areas to help develop our learning. We have the opportunities each day to become builders, readers and mark makers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, explorers, investigators. We enjoy exploring areas such as small world, water, sand, creative and mark making, messy play, role play, bikes and physical development and so much more. 

These allow us to cover all of the areas of the EYFS curriculum which include:


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication , Literacy and Language
  • Physical Development


  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Understanding of the World
  • Technology
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Click on the link for more information about the Early Learning Framework which acts as a guide for us to support your child in the best way possible.–2

Tapestry learning journal

As your child learns and makes progress during their time at SJF nursery, we record their achievements in an online ‘learning journal’ through Tapestry. With a secure username and password, you will be able to view all of your child’s observations, photographs and even videos from their time in Nursery. Nursery Staff will use school iPods to take photos, video and make written observations of your child’s learning. They will reference your child’s learning to the Early Years Curriculum, so you will know in which area of learning your child is achieving and the age-band they were working in for that activity. You will even receive an email telling you when a new observation is available for you to view. Then you can look at the observation together with your child and talk about their learning together.

Spring Term

Welcome to our Spring Term in Nursery. We have learnt so much so far and we are raring to go to see where our learning takes us next.

Core Theme

This half term we will be exploring the theme of ‘Bears’ reading and exploring some wonderful stories including two from our Reading Spine; ‘Brown bear, brown bear’ and other collections and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We will also explore lots of other wonderful stories including, ‘Can’t you sleep little bear? ‘The little bear who was afraid of the dark’ and many, many more.

Traditional Tales

Our core traditional tale this half term is ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ in which we learn to retell the story using ‘Talk for Writing’ techniques as well as enter into our Story World again to see what adventures behold.

Outdoor Learning

In our outdoor provision, we will continue to stretch ourselves physically building upon our jumping, climbing and balancing skills. We will expect some frost weather also so there will lots of opportunities to explore this. We are outside in all weathers so don’t forget to wrap up warm on those icy days. Hopefully there will be lots of opportunities to explore our Forest School area too!

Communication, language and literacy

We will continue to focus on rhymes and enjoy lots and lots of songs and poems. We will be focusing on developing and adapting our own stories this half term using lots of different methods to do this including; story stones, story dice, story maps etc. We will also continue to build on our oracy hub work alongside the school promoting our ‘Talk for Tuesday’s’ home learning activities.


In Nursery, children are all learning maths skills and numbers at our own individual rates and we will continue to support children based on their individual skills. This half term, there will be a great focus on shape, space and measure also.

Other areas

We will continue to learn and enjoy becoming independent learners with a particular focus on creative skills this half term including; painting in different ways with different tools, exploring creative resources and using junk modelling resources.

We cannot wait to see where this half term will take us, with children bringing their own individual interests to us it is a very exciting place to be in nursery!

Come and See


In our first topic this term will be thinking about different ways we can celebrate together and talk about other celebrations around the world including ‘Chinese New Year’. We will also learn about how Jesus was taken to the Temple in Bethlehem to celebrate his special birth.


Our second topic this term we will learn about different ways we gather together and talk about different reasons why we might gather. We will think about the special way in which we gather in school, at church and in our homes with our families.

We will listen to Mark’s gospel which teaches us how, ‘People brought their children to Jesus, he took them in his arms and blessed them.’


In our third topic this term we will learn about ways in which we can grow together. We will look for signs of growing all around us and have lots of opportunity to plant our bulbs to watch them grow.

We will listen to the scripture from John thinking about God’s message, ‘I love you and want you to love one another.’

Useful websites

Here are a selection of websites which will complement learning across a range of subjects. Some are interactive walk-throughs, others are games for children to practice skills and have fun.


This provides lots of fun maths games online

Primary Games

More fun online maths games

Oxford Owls

Even more fun to be had!

Cross the Maze

Give simple directions to solve the puzzle

Hidden Ships

A chance to test your use of coordinates

ICT Games

Mathematics games from the ICT website

Maths Zone

Mathematics games from the Maths Zone website

Rabbit Takeaway

A quick game requiring mental subtraction

River Tables

Challenge yourself to answer times tables quickly!

ICT Games

English games from the ICT website


Create your own comic strip


Science, making an electrical circuit game

Computer Coding

Practise your computer coding skills with a range of games

Timestables Rockstars

Times Tables Rock Stars offers daily times tables practice.
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