Year 2

Welcome to Mrs Cody’s and Miss Smith’s class


This term the children in Year 2 have begun to look at the first of our class reading book sets, ‘Wild’ by Emily Hughes.  They are learning lots of new technical terms for the language we use in English such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions.  The story also enables the children to make links with their science topic, Habitats, which is taught by the fabulous Mr Bates, who the children just love. 

In geography this half term the children will be learning all about the oceans and continents of the world, so remember to use the knowledge organiser to ask them lots of questions.

We have some wonderful new schemes of work that the children are being introduced to such as Power Maths, and wonderful spelling and handwriting books which the children are loving.  These will link nicely with the weekly spellings that the children will be learning.

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Shining Lights of Year 2

Betsy McCleod and Louis Morgan were both nominated as the Shining Lights of Year 2.  I’m sure they will do us extremely proud.  


Useful websites

Here are a selection of websites which will complement learning across a range of subjects. Some are interactive walk-throughs, others are games for children to practice skills and have fun.

BBC Bitesize KS2 

Games for all subjects

Cross the Maze

Give simple directions to solve the puzzle

Fraction Monkeys

Test your ordering of fractions

Hidden Ships

A chance to test your use of coordinates

ICT Games

Mathematics games from the ICT website

Learn your times tables

Test your times tables!

Maths Zone

Mathematics games from the Maths Zone website

Rabbit Takeaway

A quick game requiring mental subtraction

River Tables

Challenge yourself to answer times tables quickly!

ICT Games

English games from the ICT website


Create your own comic strip


Science, making an electrical circuit game

Computer Coding

Practise your computer coding skills with a range of games

Timestables Rockstars

Times Tables Rock Stars offers daily times tables practice.