Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3 and Key Stage 2

Our class is led by Mr Bates, Miss Boardman and Mrs Sweeney.

The children had a very successful year in Year 2 and we aim to continue the children’s successes. In Year 3, we aim to provide the very best for every child within a caring environment where everyone is happy, safe and secure.

This year, we are learning lots of new and wonderful things. Last term we had an amazing time exploring Alice in Wonderland throughout all of our subjects. We read  and analysed the story, used it as an inspiration for our writing, and used John Tenniel as inspiration for some amazing Alice in Wonderland artwork. We finished off the term by having a Mad Hatter’s tea party and all dressed as characters from the book! This term we will be looking at rocks in Science and volcanoes in Geography.

We will have lots of exciting activities to look forward to this year so please keep an eye on the website for updates and photographs of the children’s learning journey this year.