Chinese New Year

You might have just celebrated one New Year, but in few weeks’ time you’ll be able to do it all again with the Chinese New Year.

In school, Children will be learning about Chinese New Year and creating art around this year’s animal.

But when it is, and what animal is it this year?

What animal represents 2017?

2017 is the year of… the Rooster.

Animals from the zodiac are rotated on a cycle of 12 years, and the rooster is the tenth sign in the zodiac.

Anyone born in rooster year is said to be “confident, honest and hard working” – on the down side, they could also be attention seekers.

When is Chinese New Year 2017?

The Year of the Rooster begins on Saturday, January 28, 2017, and celebrations get under way the evening before – “New Year’s Eve” – on Friday, January 27

The holiday lasts for around two weeks, and are set to come to an end on Thursday, February 2.