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Much of the work of the Governing Body is carried out by committees. At St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, we have the following committees:

  • Standards, Quality, Finance and Personnel Committee (includes environment)
  • Inclusion and Safeguarding Committee
  • Admissions Committee

There are seven Foundation Governors, two Elected Parent Governor positions  and one Staff Governor. The majority of governors are appointed on the basis of the skills they can bring to the school, the most important of these being the ability to ask questions to make sure they challenge and support – this ensures the school is providing the best it can for all our children.


  • Standards, Quality, Finance and Personnel 
  • Inclusion and Safeguarding
  • Pay and Performance
  • Admissions

Standards and Quality Committee (combined with FP&E)

The Standards and Quality Committee is made up of five Governors, this includes the Headteacher and any members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team as required. The main purpose of the committee is to discuss and monitor all aspects of the school’s work around pupil attainment and progress and ensuring that the curriculum has been fully implemented in line with government regulations.

Finance, Personnel and Environment (combined with S&Q)

The Finance, Personnel and Environment Committee are made up of four governors including the Headteacher. Governors are responsible for overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. 

Inclusion and Safeguarding

The Inclusion and Safeguarding Committee is made up of six Governors including the Headteacher. The committee, as well as the S&Q committee, verifies that in line with the school’s mission and aims the school’s curriculum is broad, balanced and inclusive; meets the needs of all children and those with specific needs e.g. the most able, children with SEND, children with English as an Additional Language; including personal, spiritual, moral, social, cultural aspects and covers key Safeguarding messages and lessons. The school has undertaken Safeguarding training and has been made aware of and understand the content within the recently circulated revised Safeguarding Policy

Our committees have met every term and governors representing all committees are committed to raising standards and ensuring they meet their core functions. Committee members monitor how the school is performing. 


Governors are an important part of selection and recruitment of teaching and senior leaders.  They ensure that all guidelines and statutory requirements are carried out and adhered to.

Admissions and Pay and Performance Committees

These committees meet at  least once a year to discuss and determine policies pertaining to these areas.

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