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9/9/16 – We have had a brilliant first week at school! The children are all making lots of new friends.
Please check our gallery for lots of photos!!


16/9/16 We have started learning new sounds this week! We know m, a, s and d.
I am very proud of all of the children so far!!


23/9/16This week we have learnt four new sounds – t, i, n and p.


30/9/2016 The children have settled into school brilliantly and are making lots of new friends!

Check out our Gallery for lots of photographs!

7/10/2016 – This week we have started to read 2 letter words… the children have been fantastic! We have practised in, at, on, as, am, if, an and it. Well done Reception.

14/10/2016 – Reception have been learning some more new sounds this week, so far we know 16 sounds!






4/11/2016 – This week we have made firework models in class, using large construction, blocks and paints. The children have enjoyed being really creative this week!

11/11/2016 – We have had a Maths focus this week. The children have taken part in lots of counting activities and games and have challenged themselves this week, well done Reception.

25/11/2016 –  It’s been another busy week in Reception this week!

We have learned 4 new letter sounds this week. Please continue to practise these at home with your child.





18/11/2016 – This week we have been focusing on sharing. This is an important skill which the children are improving with daily!








2/12/2016 – Welcome to December! This month is such a busy one for schools. We’ve got Crafty Christmas at St Mary’s Chruch, Christmas Dinner /Jumper Day, Christmas Bingo and not forgetting the Nativity practices which are well underway!!

December 2016

Crafty Christmas
Check the Gallery for more photos!








Christmas Bingo
Check the Gallery for more photos!

















January 2017
Welcome back to the new year!

After a lovely break we are back to work!

13/1/2017 – This week Reception have recapped all of the letter sounds which we have learned so far and we have learned some more!

We now know m,a,s,d,t,i,n,p,g,o,c,k,u,b,f,e,l,h,r,j     and the new ones this week…. x,v,w,y,z

Keep working hard Reception to practise!!


The children enjoyed planting this afternoon in the front garden of school









World Book Day!

The children enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and we had some fantastic costumes in Reception…check out our Gallery!


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