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Prayer and Liturgy

St John Fisher: Our Mission

‘Believe in the light so that you will be children of the light.’
John 12:36

A Child of the Light
A School in the Light
A Community in the light

At St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, we believe our Prayer and Liturgy and acts of worship underpins the whole community, which enables the children to develop a sense of worth in God’s care.

It is an important part of the child’s religious experience within our school.

Why do we provide Prayer and Liturgy?

  • to provide opportunities for pupils and staff to come together to worship God;
  • to provide an enriching and positive religious experience, where children become active participants developing in their faith journey;
  • to develop a greater sense of who they are within the home, parish and wider community to provide opportunities for those children where school may be their first experience of church;
  • to provide an awareness of other Christian traditions and faith backgrounds.

The 4 parts of Collective Worship are:

Gather– Listen– Respond– Go Forth


We begin or enter – this could be to music, singing together, saying a prayer or just a quiet moment. We aim to create an atmosphere of prayer.


This is a reading from scripture or sometimes another focus based on scripture. We pause at times for quiet contemplation.


This is what we do in response to the scripture.  It may be quiet reflection, a formal or informal prayer or responding to bidding prayers. We may also do something such as placing a pebble or other marker on the collective worship display or share our thoughts.

Go Forth:

We help those present to take the message away with them – prayer card, picture, common prayer, action etc.

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