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Year 3

Year 3 Class Right: Identity

Children have the right to their own identity – an official record that indicates their name, nationality and family relations.

Welcome to Year 3

In our class we have 30 children who all love to learn.

We use our Learning Powers to help us to learn and be resilient.

We will start Year 3 by looking at Orion and the Dark in English then go on to look at Greek Myths. The children are going to really enjoy reading these books and working hard to learn lots of new skills.

Come and See is very important in our class and we will do lots of learning about ourselves and how we fit into the church family.

Here are some of the important things we will learn in Year 3

  • English – adjectives, adverbs, subordinating clauses, fronted adverbials and joined handwriting
  • Maths – 3 digit number column addition and subtraction, fractions and times tables
  • Science – light and dark, animals and plants
  • PE – hockey, dance, gymnastics, swimming and many more sports!

In Year 3 we always show respect and SHINE!

Please keep a look out on our Class Dojo page for regular updates.
Reading books are changed every Friday
Spelling and times table tests are every Friday
PE is every Monday and Wednesday
French is every Wednesday with Mr Corcoran

Year 3 Team

Mrs Cody 

It is a pleasure to be your Year 2 teacher and I am particularly looking forward to getting to know each of your personalities, your strengths and areas for improvement. I am excited to see you become confident in your learning and challenge yourself in areas you may not be so confident in.   I know you will all enjoy the fantastic books we will be sharing in English, and the many different topics in history and geography.  We will continue using Power Maths, which I’ve been told you loved in Year 1, as well as continuing in your faith journey and grow in your religious literacy and understanding during our Come and See lessons.

Miss Davies 


Mr Bates 

I have enjoyed getting to know you over the years and I am lucky enough to teach you for Science again in Year 3. I look forward to developing your questioning skills and your ability to make predictions prior to your experiments. I love teaching the Light and Dark topic in Year 3!

Click below to see our Yearly Overview:

Useful websites

Here are a selection of websites which will complement learning across a range of subjects. Some are interactive walk-throughs, others are games for children to practice skills and have fun.

BBC Bitesize KS2 

Games for all subjects

Cross the Maze

Give simple directions to solve the puzzle

Fraction Monkeys

Test your ordering of fractions

Hidden Ships

A chance to test your use of coordinates

ICT Games

Mathematics games from the ICT website

Learn your times tables

Test your times tables!

Maths Zone

Mathematics games from the Maths Zone website

Rabbit Takeaway

A quick game requiring mental subtraction

River Tables

Challenge yourself to answer times tables quickly!

ICT Games

English games from the ICT website


Create your own comic strip


Science, making an electrical circuit game

Computer Coding

Practise your computer coding skills with a range of games

Timestables Rockstars

Times Tables Rock Stars offers daily times tables practice.
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