Y4 – Ancient Egypt

As part of our Egyptian work in history, Year 4 have mummified tomatoes. Yes you read correctly!

Just like the Egyptians did with most of the internal organs and fluids from the body, we began by scooping out the inside of the tomatoes. The Egyptians knew that the drier they could get the body, the less likely it was to rot. We then cleaned our tomatoes using anti-bacterial gel. This replicated the how the Egyptians would cleanse the body with Palm Wine and water from the River Nile.

We made our own version of Natron using salt and bicarbonate of soda and placed this inside of the tomatoes. The Egyptians did this to make sure the body was as dried out as it could be.

Over the next few weeks, we will be observing how the mummified tomatoes change and comparing this with the tomato we did not mummify.