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Our Week

We have had such an amazing week with Mrs Kent because we have been so busy.  I can’t believe how much work I have done this week.  We have done lots of things, I enjoyed all of them.  Here are a few things we did:  football, literacy, played a match outside – Barcelona came first, Juventus came second, Manchester came third and Liverpool came fourth.  We also used adjectives to describe objects that are used in football.  We did that on Wednesday, before that, on Monday we wrote a letter to introduce ourselves to Mrs Kent.  Then we:  watched a video clip and read the story of the journey to Johannesburg, then we did maths and learnt how to order four digit numbers on a number line and then we learnt about the history of Liverpool.  I learnt how the buildings in Liverpool have changed over the years.  On Tuesday Mrs Kent read us the first two chapter s of the Journey to Johannesburg, we did more, but as you can tell it has been a very busy week, my favourite part was….

I loved doing art because I got to sketch the Liver Buildings because we got to choose which building we wanted to draw.

PE:  PE was challenging, but I am proud of myself because Mr Wilton said everybody was good, but I was especially good and I didn’t stop once – even when I had a sore leg.  I persevered!

By Alex Furlong

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