Y4 First Holy Communion and Reconciliation

First Holy Communion Information

The ‘Sunday’ school classes for First Holy Communion will take place on three weeks in Lent and then after Easter for a further three weekends. Please note that these are called ‘Sunday’ school sessions even though some may take place on a Saturday afternoon. The dates are as follows:-


*Parents and children will be expected to attend all six classes

St John Fisher Church


Saturday 11th March

Saturday 18th March

Saturday 25th March

Saturday 29th April

Saturday 6th May

Saturday 13th May

3.15pm to 4.30pm
St Columba Church Sunday 12th March

Sunday 19th March

Sunday 26th March

Sunday 30th April

Sunday 7th May

Sunday 14th May

12.15pm to 1.30pm

As usual parents can choose either St John Fisher or St Columba as classes are the same in both Churches

(All six sessions must be attended)


The First Communion Masses will be just before the half term in May 2017

St Columba’s Thursday 25th May 2017

St John Fisher on Friday 26th May 2017