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Year 5





Changes of State

26th and 27th April: over the past two days children have been investigating what makes a reaction irreversible and how we can separate mixtures.


World Book Day

Matilda, Maleficent and Messi to name but a few came to Year 5 today for World Book Day 2016! They all looked amazing!


A spectacular array of costumes and characters culminated in a fantastic morning where children have enjoyed a Mad Hatter’s tea party, writing an alternative storyline as if they had fallen into a magical world and we even managed to squeeze in the Disney remake for some inspiration.


Jaguar Land Rover Visit

Today, 1st March, the class visited the JLR Halewood plant to see how the latest Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport models are manufactured.


It was an enjoyable experience as we followed the production line from start to finish. We were all overwhelmed with the sheer size of the factory and how the machines pivot in all directions to weld, move parts and completed vehicles into place.


Here are some of the children checking out the prototype Range Rover Evoque convertible which goes on sale in the next few weeks!



Celebrating our successes and achievements this term with the whole school and parents. Can you spot our Bronze medal pins for 100% attendance?

IMG_1024 IMG_1022 IMG_1020

IMG_1005 IMG_1004

16/12/15 Today we all enjoyed a delicious Christmas Dinner and a fun party afternoon. Have a look at our party gallery.

15/12/15 KS2 Family Learning Arts and Crafts

Children and families from  Key Stage 2 enjoying a “crafty time” at Christmas.

IMG_0982 IMG_0984



As part of our Remembrance Day commemorations Year 5 made fabric poppies out of wool. The process involved layering different colours and eventual moistening with soapy water; children then squashed their creation under bubble wrap to make sure it stuck together to form a complete poppy.



At the Cenotaph

On Wednesday 11th November we visited the cenotaph and laid the paper poppy cross we had made.

Year 5 leaving their messages of rememberance. 11/11/15
Year 5 leaving their messages of rememberance. 11/11/15


Just So Stories

Ever wondered how the zebra got his stripes, how the shark got his razor-sharp teeth or why a camel has a hump? Children have been writing in the style of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories.



Read All About It

Flying frogs. Slime everywhere. Pigs disappearing from farms. Children have been investigative journalists and have written newspaper articles regarding the strange events from Tuesday by David Wiesner.













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