Welcome to Mrs Cody’s and Mrs Swift’s class


We’ve come to the end of our first half term where the children have been learning all about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world in our Geography topic.  They used the iPads to research lots of new facts about each continent such as famous landmarks, countries within continents, capital cities and animals who inhabit each continent.


The children have also been working exceptionally hard in Mathematics, doing lots of addition and subtraction work, as well as place value, and learning all about inverse operation, which the children are becoming very confident with.


We have just completed a week learning about Judaism, focusing particularly on the Shabbat meal, which we celebrated in class with our very own Shabbat celebration.  We had bread, blackcurrant juice (as the children are far too young for wine) and we each had our own candle.   

We also spent a week learning all about our new school mission statement.

“Believe in the light so that you will be children of the light”

The children shared their own ideas of what being children of the light would look like, and together we believe that all the children in Year 2 are children of the light.  The children are becoming more and more independent as they take responsibility for their own learning.  They know that it is right to look after the world that God created for us and all the animals in it.  They do this by being kind, considerate and caring towards all people, and our environment.













Halloween Fun – Traditional Duck Apple


Our Shabbat Celebration