St John Fisher: Our Vision

At St John Fisher, we strive to create a school community where children and adults achieve their full potential and SHINE! We will achieve this through engagement, high expectations and by treating all with respect and dignity.


Here at St John Fisher we aim to provide a fun and engaging PE curriculum, where every child has the opportunity to confidently participate and most importantly shine.

For 2019-2020 we will be focusing on:

  • Competition through the Knowsley School Sports Partnership
  • Providing 30mins per day of rigorous active playtime for all pupils.
  • Our commitment to sport outside the realms of school hours (after-school and beyond)
  • The promotion of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet
  • Maintaining the School Games Mark Silver status

PE, Sport and Physical Activity go hand-in-hand. We believe that it is vital that our children understand the importance of exercise, whether it be a game of tag on the playground to a structured PE lesson.

Take a look at this leaflet by the Association for Physical Education; it gives advice and information about the importance of being active.

In September 2017, we secured a £10,000 grant from Awards for All which enabled us to purchase and install an all-weather gym and fitness area. This equipment forms part of our playtime, lunchtime and PE lessons; yet another tool to ensure our children are active! This year, our school playing field is receiving a makeover. Once ready, we will use this space to deliver PE lessons and during break times. 

We use playground equipment; from monies raised by Mr Morton’s superb effort in the 2016 New York marathon and every pupil who took part in a sponsored run around the church grounds.

In addition to this, a selection of children have been selected to be Health Champions – resulting in KSSP training as playground leaders to initiate games amongst pupils and working with the Change4Life initiative.

The overarching aim for P.E. in the national curriculum is to ensure that all pupils develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, lead healthy and active lives and engage in competitive sports and activities. At St John Fisher, we use ‘Get Set 4 P.E.’ and a qualified sports coach to deliver a curriculum which enables children to build on skills, achieve and excel.

Yr 3 PE